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PHILOTELIA Vol. 93 (2016)


The bimonthly HPS journal is distributed free to the Society's members.

Vol. 93 (2016) is available in CD as a single PDF file.





        [Editorial: Rebranding phlately]

324   The Stephanos Macrymichalos Award 2016

325   The Hellenic Philotelic Society Medal and letters to Philotelia

327   Unusual cancellations of postage stamps, by A. Galinos

334   Labels and handstamps of returned mail (form1031), by N. Mallouchos

339   New issues: (a) 120th anniversary of authentic Marathon (b) 50th anniversary of Greek television, (c) Blooming herbs of the Greek land

341   H.P.S. - New members

342   The break of the first wavy line of the large Hermes heads revisited and some unanswered questions, by N. Asimakopulos

348   Philatelic news

350   Commemorative cancellations of 2016

353   79 years Philatelic Society of Athens, by V. Apostolopoulos

354   Twin letters, by W. Bauer

361   Volume 2016 index

367   Greek mail damaged in train fire (1963), by A. Ritoridis

370   H.P.S. - Presentations and open discussions in the H.P.S. premises

371   Cyprus philatelic news

374   The National Schism and its impact on the postal service, by M. Mylonakis

383   L'ADPhile, by C. Desarmenien





        [Editorial: Maxi-Thema 2016]

260   Zante Error no. XXIII, by K. Papathanassiou

262   The National Schism and its impact on the postal service, by M. Mylonakis

272   The post office of St. George lazaret, by A. Virvilis

277   Maxi-Thema 2016 exhibition, by V. Apostolopoulos

280   Texts on Epirus postal history, by G. Ploumidis

289   Postal services beyond the Sèvres Zone (Asia Minor Campaign 1919-1922), by M. M. Sfantsikopoulos

297   Letters to Philotelia

298   Suspension of postal services to Crimea and Libya, by N. Mallouchos

300   Philatelic news

303   The Athens Railway Station p.o. cancellations, by D. Varelas

311   Honouring personalities in the U.S. (1940), by C. Chazapis

317   Polovitsa, Lakonia, by M. Koutsounakis

318   Bephila, by V. Verhelst

319   New issues: (a) 300th anniversary of the Siege of Corfu (b) 2016 - Year of Greece in Russia (Personalised stamps)





        [Editorial: Living personalities (II)]

196   New issues: (a) Members of the Lambrakis Movement, (b) Euromed 2016, (c) Rio 2016 Olympic Games, (d) Living personalities (ΙΙ)

199   Philatelic news

203   From Rio de Janeiro to Syros in 1848, by A. Papadopoulos

212   Found in the post box, by N. Mallouchos

218   The National Schism and its impact on the postal service, by M. Mylonakis

230   Philatelic Literature in international exhibitions, by W. Maassen RDP

233   Misspelled postmark ΙΣΘΙΜΙΑ, by J. Daes

234   The Ancient Epidavros post office, by C.C.

235   The European Academy of Philately, by B. Crevato-Selvaggi

238   Political refugees in Tashkent, by C. Chazapis

243   Postal services beyond the Sèvres Zone (Asia Minor Campaign 1919-1922), by M. M. Sfantsikopoulos

254   New books: Michel catalogues, by C.C.




MAY - JUNE 2016

        [Editorial: New York 2016]

132   The HPS Medal 2011-2015 awards ceremony, by C.C.

135   The Allied Blockade of Greece during WWI, by A. Ritoridis

148   Balkanfila 2016, by P. Leoussis

151   New issues: (a) Europa 2016, (b) 2400th birth anniversary of Aristotle, (c) Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, (d) Orthodox Church Council

154   "Tzeferemini station" a rare railway postmark, by D. Varelas

156   Special regulations and guidelines for the evaluation of the Picture Postcard Class, by B. King

161   World Stamp Show New York 2016, by G. Thomareis

166   The sinking of the French battleship Bouvet in the Dardanelles (II), by J. Voyatzis

168   New books: P. Leoussis, Manual of Thematic Philately, by A.V., G. Anomeritis, Sea and Shipping in Greek philately, by N. Mallouchos, M. Vardopoulou, Greek stamps 1861-1961, History, Ideology, Aesthetics, by A.V.

172   Opened to be checked for invoice content, by N. Mallouchos

173   Historical and philatelic observations as a result of a 20 lepta first Athens printing without CN on cover cancelled in Agoulinitsa, by K. Papathanassiou

184   European exhibits in FIP exhibitions

186   Lubrapex 2016 and FEPA Congress, by A.V.

187   Fake or genuine? All factors accounted for..., by A. Galinos

190   Philatelic news





        [Editorial: The postcards class]

  68   1927-35 Landscapes errors, by A. Christou

  70   The H.P.S. Medal

  72   The DOLIANA Type IV postmark, by D. Iskos

  73   Greek Return-to-Sender labels (II), by A. Galinos

  76   NOTOS 2015 - Happenings, by A.V.

  82   Concise tables of the Austrian postal rates (1808-1875), by J. Daes

  92   Italian Academy of Philately and Postal History, by F. Filanci

  96   Honorary distinction to George Dolianitis, by I. Chalvatzidopoulos

  97   Philatelic news

101   Mail officially sealed, by N. Mallouchos

109   The Allied Blockade of Greece during WWI, by A. Ritoridis

122   Presentations and open discussions in the HPS premises

123   New issues: (a) National Bank of Greece 175th anniversary, (b) 2016 - Year of Greece in Russia, (c) Labour movement

126   New books: Michel catalogues, by C.C.





        [Editorial: Farewell my friend]

    4   George Sparis, by C.C.

    8   The Babas p.o. in the 19th century - An unusual case, by J. Peristanoglou

    9   Slogan cancellations of 2015

  10   Philatelic news

  12   New issues: Greece-Israel 25 years of diplomatic relations

  13   New books: S. A. Calliga, The 20 lepta Large Hermes Head stamps of Greece - From legend to objective classification, by K. Papathanassiou

  17   Concilium Philateliae Helveticae, by G. Balimann

  21   H.P.S. (a) The 2016 Annual General Assembly, (b) 2015 balance sheets, (c) Financial status (31.12.2015), (d) Hermes Club (13.1.2016)

  26   The Hellenic Philotelic Society is grateful (p.20)

  27   Cyprus philatelic news

  29   Commemorative cancellations of 2015

  32   A. Virvilis: FEPA Medal 2014, by C.C.

  34   The Allied Blockade of Greece during WWI, by A. Ritoridis

  46   Greek-Soviet Cold War disputes, by C. Chazapis

  59   New issues: Anniversaries - Events(I): EAM 75th anniversary

  60   A peace mission of the G. Averof battleship, by A. N. Kambourakis



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