Hellas-Cyprus 2013


Athens, 21 October - 8 November






Exhibition type

National philatelic exhibition with international participation organized by the Hellenic Philotelic Society (HPS) under the patronage of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (EFO). All exhibition classes will participate in approximately 250 16-page exhibition frames.


Exhibition venue

The exhibition will be hosted in the House of Cyprus, Xenofontos 2A, Athens.


Dates to remember

Deadline for submitting applications: 10 July 2013

Confirmation by the OC: 25 July 2013


Organizing Committee contact info

OC contact info: Costas Chazapis

   (tel. +30 210-9813127, +30 6945-873531)

Postal address: OC "Hellas-Cyprus 2013"

   Hellenic Philotelic Society

   57 Academias str, GR-10679 Athens, Greece

Fax: +30 210-3621123



EFO Consultant: Vassilis Sekopoulos

   (tel. +30 210-8070217)

Postal address: Kerkyras 18

   GR-14671 Nea Erythraia, Greece

The House of Cyprus in Athens



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