Hellas-Cyprus 2013


Athens, 21 October - 8 November








Jury Report



The Diplomas will be bestowed during the Palmares on 2 November.

They were designed by Odysseas Galinos-Paparounis.


Special Prizes

Special Prizes are kind donations to the OC of the Exhibition. They are placed in turn at the Jury's disposal and are awarded to specific exhibits at the total discretion of the Jury.


Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus

in Athens (SP2)

Hellenic Post (SP3)

Hellenic Philatelic Federation (SP1)

Cyprus Philatelic Society (SP4)

Philatelic Society of Athens (SP6)

Panhellenic Society

of Thematic Philately and Youth (SP11)

Panhellenic Union of Philatelists

ELTA employees (SP10)

Union of Greek Collectors

of Maximum Cards (SP9)

[in the memory of its founder A. Kotopoulis]

Philatelic Association of Dodecanese (SP5)

Philatelists of Athens (SP8)

Hellenic Philotelic Society (SP7)



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