Hellas-Cyprus 2013


Athens, 21 October - 8 November






Hermes Club was founded in 1984 for the financing of the National Philatelic Exhibition EFE-Hellas 1984, the largest national exhibition ever held in our country. The endeavour was wholehartedly supported by many members and friends from Greece and abroad and with their donations contributed by 22% to the income of the exhibition. Thus the balancing of the exhibition’s big expenses was made possible. The small surplus of 185,022 D. (542.98 euro) was deposited into a special account in order to finance similar exhibitions in the future.


While hosting the National Philatelic Exhibitions Philotelia 2005 and Lavrion 2009, Hermes Club paid its duty twice. Due to the affection and support of its members, significant amounts were collected in both instances, so that not only the finances of the two exhibitions were fully funded but, more importantly, Hermes Club can claim at this moment a reserve fund in excess of 13,000 euro.



Today, the Hellenic Philotelic Society is already in the process of organizing the National Philatelic Exhibition Hellas-Cyprus 2013, while at the same time is working towards a larger international exhibition which will take place in 2014. We, therefore, invite old and prospective members of the Hermes Club to renew their belief to the high targets the Hellenic Philotelic Society serves and support financially the upcoming exhibitions. The membership dues are 100 euro. Any larger offer will be gratefully appreciated.

Let us all support this noble target.


Anthony Virvilis
Past President
Hellenic Philotelic Society



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